Weekly Meditation Group

Join us tomorrow as we do some contemplative meditation. We will also do some programming of rose quartz crystals and discuss how this can be used to amplify our intentions.

As always we will engage in moving beyond the chatter of the mind and practice aligning ourselves with the ever present Observer. The more we align our vibration to the higher aspect that is available to us the greater our perception and the better choices we can make in life. Our practice is to assist us in getting beyond our dimensionally challenged selves and be present to an aspect of non physical reality that is our Essence.

This is a weekly meditation group with the goal of assisting individuals in their efforts to heal and find peace by strengthening their connection to their innermost Self. The facilitating practitioners have extensive experience in vibrational, energetic and meditative healing practices.

We encourage people of all religious and spiritual denominations to join us in creating a “field of energy” that facilitates healing and peace.

Dress in comfortable clothing. You may bring a mat or your own “seating device” (such as a portable folding seat, etc.). Limited chairs are available in the office – but with preference for the elderly or those with a disability.

7:00 to 8:30pm
Healing Health Services
41 Eastern Pkwy #1b
Brooklyn, New York 11238
(347) 414-7779

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What is holistic integrative medicine?

Well, holistic was a catch-all phrase because people didn’t know what to say. Holistic was just a doctor that was doing something different. Maybe the doctor was using herbs, perhaps the doctor was recommending some nutritional therapies, but what’s happened, then that begun to unfold. Then you have complementary and alternative medicine. Meaning it was gaining some more respect and people saw it was complementing. They will use essential oils with people doing chemotherapy, but they would use some other therapies with it. That was complementary and alternative. What was complimentary, too, was mainstream medicine.

What is holistic integrative medicine?

Then you have integrative medicine. In integrative medicine, allopathic or mainstream medicine doesn’t necessarily have to be the big dome. Meaning that if you’re integrating something, you might rely more on nutrition, you might depend on herbal medicine, you might rely more on homeopathy or other disciplines because when you combine these things, you find that these other disciplines can play a stronger role in helping the person to regain health. That’s different.

Then functional medicine– What’s happened now, everybody realizes if you get sick, you’re in trouble. You don’t want to end up in someone’s ER. Now, we have the ideal functional medicine where functional and preventive go together. We’re looking at problems and saying how this a dysfunction in the body in terms of what is supposed to do. There might be problems with the body ecology. There might be problems with your leaky gut, in your intestines. There might be problems with the flow of energy in your body, but it’s a functional system. There are different ways to measure that.

There are so many different kinds of testing that came up to look at detox pathways. To look at the quality of your sputum to see how much it had changed in terms of saline morphology and stuff. In functional medicine, you get to try and engage the body’s function in real time as opposed to just taking a snapshot with any one test. You can do assessments to look at the neuro-transmitted balance, things like that.

Holistic Integrative Medicine Santa Monica CA – Kamau Kokayi, MD

Learn more about holistic integrative medicine and Dr. Kamau Kokayi by visiting the holistic medical services page https://www.healinghealthservices.com/medical-services/ on the practice website. Patients who are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kokayi should call the office during business hours at (310) 499-2195.

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Homeopathic Doctor Santa Monica, CA

Kamau Kokayi, MD is a homeopathic doctor in Santa Monica, CA who practices holistic medicine. In this blog post Dr. Kokayi explains what a homeopathic doctor is and how he uses homeopathy and homeopathic treatments with his patients.

A homeopathic doctor first and foremost is a good listener, because you really can’t understand what’s going on with a person until you learn to listen. Listening has to do with as much as what is said as what’s not said and just looking at the person as they’re talking to you. There are many things observed with a human being through the language of expression.

I had to train myself in that way. It made sense from the standpoint of homeopathy because in homeopathy you’re trying to understand what’s going on with a person and match that pattern to something generally in nature that’s just shown to create the same profile. That sounds a little strange, meaning that you’re trying to find something in life that’s capable of causing the same kind of pathophysiology or dysfunction and the way that we know that in homeopathy is things are tested on people.

When you use a homeopathic remedy, you’re taking a substance and then you’re diluting it, when I say diluting it, you’re taking tiny doses of that that’s beyond what’s called Avogadro’s number, where there’s a singular mole of the original chemical substance.

That’s been off the dose-response curve that’s used in mainstream pharmacology. However, when you give that kind of vibrational essence alcohol and this is similar to what is done with allergy treatment. When you give that to a person, all of a sudden it’s like dropping a little rock into a pond. It creates a ripple, and that ripple manifests in different physical, emotional changes, dreams, behaviors, but also physical changes as well.

As a physician practicing homeopathy, when patients come in, I can begin to think about what remedy do they resemble. I’m treating more the person that has a problem with different medications and tend to concentrate in different areas. I have more issues around the heart instead of issues around depression, suicide depression all kinds of things. Remedies then have this fear of action. At this point in homeopathy, you have the whole periodic table; there’s been proving. You get an idea of the energetics of the periodic table and how that can unfold in a person’s life and what element they actually might need to balance them.

There are several thousand remedies. We use what’s called a repertory, which is a book of symptoms. We can begin to look at these symptoms, and through computerization, we can get started to put signs together and see what remedy pictures emerge. It’s an excellent intellectual exercise, but at the heart of it are your powers of observation and analysis and just really feeling the energy of the person in front of you and who they are.

Kamau Kokayi, MD: Homeopathic Doctor Santa Monica, CA

To learn more about Dr. Kamau Kokayi, a Santa Monica homeopathic doctor, and to schedule a holistic medical appointment, visit the practice website https://www.healinghealthservices.com/or call (310) 499-2195.

Homeopathic Doctor Santa Monica, CA

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IV Therapy Brooklyn NY

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a holistic medical doctor at Healing Health Services who provides IV therapy for Brooklyn patients whose immune system need support. In this video Dr. Kokayi discusses how he uses IV therapy treatments at his practice.

“I use IV therapy in different ways. One of the main ways that I use it is to support and supplement the immune system particularly for people that have maybe just gone over a serious illness they are weak and devitalized particularly the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, diarrhea whatever intestinal problems. They’re ways to use IV is just with not even so much hydrate but just to give the nutrients that the person might be missing out on.

We use high doses of vitamin C for viral illnesses, for people as an axillary therapy or people have cancer would use specific IVs for problems like macular degeneration, for people that just have let’s say chronic fatigue or they have immune weakness. I probably have about five or six different IV formulas of therapies that I use. Generally, they use short term as a way to really supplement and get a person more quickly back on your feet, if they’re particularly devitalized or they have an acute problem.”

Learn More About IV Therapy with Dr. Kamau Kokayi in Brooklyn, NY

To learn more about IV therapy at Healing Health Services with Dr. Kokayi, visit the practice online https://www.healinghealthservices.com/. Patients who are interested in IV therapy should call (347) 414-7779 to schedule an appointment.

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Your First Appointment with a Holistic Doctor

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a holistic physician at Healing Health Services. In this video, Dr. Kokayi describes what it is like for new patients during their visit and diagnostic consultation.

Your First Appointment with a Holistic Doctor

The first appointment is designed for I guess you getting to know me a bit but you’re getting to know me is going to be through how I interface with you. In my interface with you is for you to actually see that I’m very interested in hearing your story, that you recognize I’m listening to you without judgment, that you recognize that I’m interested in things that you may not have considered telling a doctor before because I want to get to your core as much as you’ll allow me to. I really appreciate that.

After we’ve done that, that might take 45 minutes to an hour and clearly a lot of times I can’t get it all on the first visit. Then after that, my exam, I’ll do a directed physical. I’ll do some basic things, lungs, heart, throat, feeling lymph nodes but I do direct if it is an area that’s really a problem. Then I’m going to do more of a bioenergetic assessment.

I’m going to check your pulses. I will explain to you about the six pulses that represent different energetic systems in your body. I will use about two or three different kinesiologic system to check your body. I might use the neuro-emotional technique, applied Kinesiology in our integrated systems and just things that I have developed over time to give me an idea of how the parts of your body and spirit are working together and not working together.

Within that, I will ask you different things as you’re on the table. I’ll test out different ideas and I have to say I find a long weakness. I might want to know this is an emotional road, is it problems with breathing capacity, is there something that needs to– Is there allergy? Is the detox? I can bio energetically test all of that. Okay? I’ll share with you what I’m thinking. I’ll tell you if I think there’s some blood test or regular laboratory tests that I would like to do to help to quantify the type of problem that you have.

Then we can then follow and actually measure. I’ll share of you my assessment and why I’m thinking that you need this set of therapies and things that I do in my office and that I don’t do in my office. I’ll invite you to do bio-scan which is not a mandatory thing but it’s clearly something that I like to utilize in my practice. I might at that time institute some form of treatment, I might do some manipulation, I might do some acupuncture. I might do some bio-energetic healing. It all depends.

Holistic Doctor Brooklyn, NY

The First Appointment with a Holistic Doctor – Dr. Kamau Kokayi – Call (347) 414-7779

New patients can learn more about Dr. Kamau Kokayi and Healing Health Services from the practice website https://www.healinghealthservices.com/ . Patients who want to schedule a new appointment and consultation should call (347) 414-7779.

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Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Treating Anxiety

Holistic medicine has provided many treatments for anxiety. It is estimated that over 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety. Therefore, this problem is not unique; it is a very common problem. Naturally, we all have some level of anxiety and depending on the situation we face, the anxiety can elevate accordingly. Fear is part of life and the anxiety that comes with it. Having said this, anxiety can get out of hand. Suffering fear and anxiety for no clear reason is a sign that you could have a problem. Some people will start feeling anxious when they get out of the house. This is not classified as normal and may need professional attention. Taking a holistic approach to treating anxiety will come with many merits.

Access a variety of holistic interventions

A holistic doctor will have unlimited resources to guide you accordingly. Where conventional medicine is not working for you, they may recommend herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition changes; among others. Massage and aromatherapy are other options that the doctor may recommend. Therefore, you open up your options without having to suffer dependency from a drug. Also, you train your body to heal naturally. With a holistic expert, you will also get to the heart or cause of your problem. Some people will need psychotherapy to deal with trauma issues. Others will need some spiritual guidance and so on.

Take control of your health

When you visit a holistic doctor to talk about your anxiety, you will be taking charge of your health. The expert will seek to find out more about your lifestyle, medical history, experiences, relationships and many more. Here, you will be in a position to better understand what is going on in your life. Some people will discover that they are nutritionally deficient. Others will also find that genetics can play a major role where anxiety prevalence in concerned. Learning more about yourself and your body will open your mind to the alternative interventions. When a holistic expert examines you, they will be able to tailor a solution that will most likely work for you. If you are not satisfied with any element of your treatment, you can consult the holistic doctor to discuss your personal needs.

Focus on preventing anxiety

Many times, conventional medicine will only come in when you are already suffering from anxiety. However, a holistic approach will train you how not to trigger anxiety. Living your life on purpose will greatly help you cope. Holistic medicine will help you prevent any crisis that can be brought about by anxiety. This may call for a total lifestyle change and many patients will find the right relief. Keep in mind that anxiety can graduate to depression and other chronic mental health problems. Preventing the problem will certainly add quality to your life.

Holistic Medicine Brooklyn, NY

Enjoy the best of both worlds

A holistic medical approach means that you will borrow some modern medicine while incorporating alternative medicine practices. This will lead to a better medical outcome. Therefore, a holistic approach to anxiety means that you use all the tools available from both modern and natural medicine. At the end of the day, your anxiety problem will be tackled and managed more effectively.

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