Holistic Doctor

A holistic doctor is a well trained medical doctor who combines the modern scientific treatment with complimentary treatments or alternative medicine such as acupuncture, chiropractic or massage. Holistic doctors are holders of medical degree and also trained in traditional medicine. They use their expertise to apply the principles of the holistic medicine, which includes alternative methods to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Holistic doctors can identify and address the medical conditions such as allergies, biochemical and metabolic disorders, sensitivities and deficiencies. They’ll prescribe homeopathic and herbal remedies or supplements, diet programs, lifestyle changes, spiritual treatments or environmental medicines.

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What is holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine is a science and an art of healing that combines complimentary alternatives with traditional health care to restore the right balance to your body, spirit and mind. A holistic doctor has the ability of providing high quality holistic health services to their patients in a convenient and peaceful environment. They also use the state-of-art technology to identify the source of your health problems. You’ll also be under the care of an integrative medicine team who will monitor your progress. Holistic medicine encompasses a variety of safe and effective modalities that help in diagnosing and treating different diseases. They integrate alternative and conventional therapies to promote your optimal health. Holistic medicine includes the analysis of your physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle elements.

A collaborative medical team is assembled at the holistic medicine center to deliver the best treatment that combines both worlds, traditional and alternative. The team will integrate natural medicine, modern medicine and wellness. The support practitioners in the team will help when it comes to providing naturopathic, acupuncture, allopathic, chiropractic, behavioral and functional medicine. That means, patients looking for an integrative medicine will find it under one roof through the collaborative medical team. If your care involves a nutritionist, chiropractor, acupuncturist or therapist together with a care doctor, they’re all in one location. Apart from physical and behavioral treatment and services, an integrative approach also provides other important services such as apothecary and on-site laboratory testing.

Whole Person Approach

Holistic doctors look at the whole person and not just individual conditions or symptoms. These services are not only available for adult men and women, but also to children too. They provide family wellness programs through their integrative medicine approach. They treat conditions that affect many people in the modern world and also help prevent them. Holistic doctors provide self-care strategies that promote healthy habits, skills and behaviors. The whole person approach assist patients to experience wellness and balance of their mind, spirit and body throughout their lifetime, irrespective of their age. Poor eating habits, stress, a sedentary lifestyle and toxic relationships can inhibit your body’s natural healing.

Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The main purpose of integrative medicine is treating your entire body, mind and spirit in order to address all the causes of illness. By incorporating physical, behavioral, spiritual and biological treatments gives you a positive outlook of your health and wellness. Holistic medicine is meant to empower your body’s natural healing by promoting conditions that are necessary in creating the autoimmune capabilities. Holistic physicians spend lots of time searching for the main causes of disease rather than treating symptoms. However, prevention is more cost-effective since it only requires patients to evoke their healing capabilities.