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Kamau Kokayi, MD practices holistic integrative medicine in Santa Monica, CA. Here in this interview Dr. Kokayi explains what holistic integrative medicine is and how this type of medicine has been defined.

What is holistic integrative medicine?

Well, holistic was a catch-all phrase because people didn’t know what to say. Holistic was just a doctor that was doing something different. Maybe the doctor was using herbs, maybe the doctor was recommending some nutritional therapies, but what’s happened, then that begun to unfold. Then you have complementary and alternative medicine. Meaning it was gaining some more respect and people saw it was complementing. They will use essential oils with people doing chemotherapy, but they would use some other therapies with it. That was complementary and alternative. What was complementary, too, was mainstream medicine.

Then you have integrative medicine. In integrative medicine, allopathic or mainstream medicine doesn’t necessarily have to be the big dome. Meaning that if you’re integrating something, you might rely more on nutrition, you might rely on herbal medicine, you might rely more on homeopathy or other disciplines because when you integrate these things, you find that these other disciplines can actually play a stronger role in helping the person to regain health. That’s different.

Then functional medicine– What’s happened now, everybody realize if you get sick, you’re screwed. You don’t want to end up in someone’s ER. Now, we have the ideal functional medicine where functional and preventive go together. We’re looking at problems and saying how this a dysfunction in the body in terms of what is supposed to do. There might be problems with the body ecology. There might be problems with your leaky gut, in your intestines. There might be problems with the flow of energy in your body, but it’s a functional system. There are different ways to actually measure that.

There’s so many different kinds of testing that came up to look at detox pathways. Just to look at the quality of your sputum to see how much it had changed in terms of saline morphology and stuff. In functional medicine, you get to try and engage the body’s function in real time as opposed to just taking a snapshot with any one test. You can do assessments to actually look at neuro-transmitted balance, things like that.

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Holistic Integrative Medicine Santa Monica CA – Kamau Kokayi, MD – Call (310) 499-2195

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